Tomato-Cucumber salad

Greek salad with feta cheese

Cretan Dakos

“George’s salad with tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, carrot, boiled courgettes, onion, dill, olives

Green salad with sundried tomato, parmesan and balsamic cream

Fresh salad with chicken fillet, red and white cabbage, sweet peppers, carrot, parmesan flakes and citrus dressing

Lola lettuce salad with radicchio, spicy mushrooms, manouri cheese and aged balsamic vinegar

Lettuce salad with freshly cut onions & dill

Cabbage-Carrot salad

Boiled Greens

Boiled Courgettes

Cold appetizers

Homemade tzatziki 

Homemade fish roe salad 

Homemade eggplant salad 

Homemade spicy cheese salad 


Feta cheese with olive oil & oregano

Hot appetizers

Zucchini fritters with Greek yogurt dip

Tomato fritters with Greek yogurt dip

Phyllo-wrapped chevre/manouri cheese with saffron syrup, black sesame and herbs

Grilled vegetables

Spicy sausage

Saganaki (fried cheese)

FRIED courgettes 

FRIED eggplants  

French fries with eggs

French fries with oregano

French fries with cheese

Charcoal grilled

Meat balls (Beef)

Meat balls kids portion (Beef)

Veal steak 

Beef steak

Rib steak

T-Bone veal steak

Rib-Eye (Black Angus)

Beef fillet steak

Beef fillet skewer with tomato, onion, green pepper

Chicken fillet

Pork steak

Pork neck chops

Pork tenderloin

Veal liver

Lamb kidneys

Lamb cutlets (portion)

Lamb cutlets (per kg)

Ewe chops (per kg)

Chicken cutlets (portion)

Chicken cutlets (per kg)

Pork skewers portion (3 pieces)

Chicken skewers portion (3 pieces)

Pork skewer (per piece)

Chicken skewer (per piece)


Chocolate pie with whipped cream and chocolate syrup / + ice cream 1 scoop

Ice cream (per scoop)


Coca cola , coca cola light , coca cola zero 250 ml

Sprite 250 ml

Fanta orange 250 ml

Fanta lemon 250 ml

Soda 250 ml

Mineral water (still) 1 lt

Mineral water (sparkled) 330 ml


Alfa 500 ml

Fix 500 ml

Mythos 500 ml 

Mamos 500 ml 

Amstel 500 ml

Heineken 500 ml

Heineken 330 ml 

Heineken no alcohol 330 ml 

Fischer 500 ml

Kaiser 500 ml


Greek coffee



Ouzo – Tsipouro – Alcohol Drinks

Ouzo 200 ml

Ouzo (per glass)

Tsipouro 200 ml

Tsipouro (per glass)

Simple drink (whisky, vodka, gin)

Special whisky

White wines

House wine 1 lt

Alfa Malagouzia 750 ml

Akres 750 ml

Chrisos Leon 750 ml

Samaropetra 750 ml

Vivlia Chora 750 ml

Makedonikos 375 ml

Retsina 500 ml

Rose wines 

House wine 1 lt 

Akakies 750 ml 

Akres 750ml

Vivlia Chora 750 ml  

Red wines

House wine 1 lt 

Akres 750 ml

Paraga 750 ml

Mikri Arkouda 750 ml

Skantzohiros 750 ml

Dio Elies 750 ml

Chatzimihali 750 ml

Makedonikos 375 ml 

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