Over 70 years of presence on the same street, on the same place, with the same loyal meat lovers.

Back in 1951, we started out as a small butcher's shop. Two years later a small charcoal grill was placed outdoor along with five tables, in order to serve the few residents of the area.
And that was only the beginning! These five tables became ten and the outdoor grill was transformed into a tavern and kept growing since. George's, a name given to our tavern by the Americans who flood the place every day during the 60's and 70's, had the pleasure to host important people, artists, scholars and politicians.
Our famous meatballs were and still remain a point of reference, thus giving the nickname Meatball Town (Beeftekoopolee) to the wider area.
Today, the fourth generation, having absorbed knowledge and lessons, keeps evolving the family history, by making the restaurant a milestone for meat lovers in Greece according to the needs and standards of contemporary dining.  


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