Our place has been on the same street for over 65 years of continuous presence, with recurring customers, which all have in common their taste for quality meat. It all started back in 1951 with a small butcher’s shop. Two years later, a small outdoor grill was set, with as many as five tables serving local customers living in the nearby area.

And that was just the beginning. Our 5 tables became 10 and the outdoor grill, evolved in a meat tavern which continued to grow.

The Americans who filled the tavern, shouted out the name George enthusiastically back in the 60’s and 70’s and were addressing grandpa George who was always there on stand – by, waiting to serve all customers.

He was the reason for which we are known up to now.
In the meantime, all these years, we have hosted and served very important personalities from the fields of the arts, sports and politics.

Through the years, a lot of wine has flowed in the customers’ glasses and good meat on their plates…

Our trademark and the reason for which we are mostly known is our legendary meatballs. Our signature dish which stood as the main cause for us to be given the name “Biftekoupoli” in the wider area.

Nowadays, the fourth generation has taken over and continues to develop the family history, always respecting the legacy it has built through the years and awaits for the customers of “Biftekoupoli” to enjoy the variety of meats and chops, prepared to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

We would like to thank you for the love and loyalty you have been showing us all these years!


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